Plaza de Mayo filled by Cuervos

This was the biggest march I've ever participated in - way more than all the anti-war mobilizations in Ottawa including George W. Bush's visit - and all organized by a group of supporters and members of a football and sports club. Somewhere between 65 000 (LaNacion, which buried the story) to well over the 100 000, all to hear 40 minutes of speeches and put pressure on a municipal government to take action. I'd expect some academic friends to easily make the argument "but there are things more important than a football stadium" - before anyone takes the cynical route, just imagine 100 000 people coming together, happy and energized, to participate in the political process to demand restitution from past injustices and possibilities for community in the future. It is worthy to congratulate the organizers on what all those with just political causes regularly fail to do, speak to the emotional passion that moves people to participate. The organizers proposed an idea 10 years ago and have worked, as volunteers in their own time, to make this:

I'll have more later. Hopefully an edited video from the caravan and analysis. It might take a bit of time because I'm off to see San Lorenzo play in Cordoba. For the moment: gracias gloriosa ciclón! sos tenes una hinchada sin igual, ¡que fiesta pendejo! A volver, a volver, San Lorenzo a volver!

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