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Men's CONCACAF World Cup qualifying is entering into its next and second last phase. Canada, quadrennial failures, is preparing once again for another run. I prefer at the moment to be realistic about Canada's chances - slim - at qualifying because there will be plenty of time later for me to get caught up in the hopes and dreams and likely disappointment...

Nevertheless, win or lose, Canada's national soccer teams have some of the best fans in North America. Best in terms of being positive, proud and most of all entertaining. Known as the Voyageurs, they will show up to cheer, sing and party for the local guys and girls in red. Standing with these people is a great time - and not that expensive.

If you've only watched soccer on the television, you should get off your butt and stand - yes stand, don't be lame and sit - next to the Voyageurs. Better yet, tickets with the Voyageurs are often a steal.

The dates for upcoming qualifying matches:
June 14, 2012 vs. Honduras
Sept. 7 2012 vs. Panama
Oct. 12 vs Cuba

And the 100th CSA Anniversary Friendly vs the Yankies:
June 3rd

You can buy tickets here.

More importantly, even if you are not a big soccer fan or don't live in Toronto, there is a chance for you to participate - or at least send someone in your place. The Voyageurs have partnered with Toronto Community Housing, which has a Youth Engagement program with 800 involved youths, to offer charity tickets (right now still real charity and not tax-evasion). You can buy a ticket to the Honduras match ($20 each) for one - or MORE!!! - of these kids. Toronto Community Housing provides low-rent alternatives to 164 000 tenants in the city, people from a diversity of backgrounds. Being on the other-side of the world, I've decided to send the equivalent of my fanaticism and bought three tickets.

Send some kids now!

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